Supply  technical support:
☆ Customer consultation
☆ Help scheme selection
☆ According to actual situation, provide program planning, design, construction, assembly, operation instruction, and maintenance service of the whole working system, which meet client’s demands  

Commissioning & Start Up

Our company will do all commissioning and start up of the delivered equipment as one of our responsibility without any charges , meanwhile as one of Guarantee terms we need to the commissioning be done by our after sales services team.


Our professional sales services team are ready to accept the installation services of related equipments by individual contact and their high level designe base on your requirement and the site facility will help the installation be done with latest standards and they will do the final delivery of equipments.

Client Training

Provide training by the technician when the customer accept the production(6 sets of books with TXT in English)

The supplier provide training books and technology training to the customer according to the customer’s requirement during the drilling rig’s test time at the supplier’s site;
Providing training and service in the aspect of operation, use and maintenance to the customer at the accomplishment site which is appointed by the customer.

SCR/MCC system will be installed, connected and tested at the period of drilling rig’s install time. The system will be tested and technology serviced at the site of the first well’s drilling when the rig operates in full load.

The customer should advise the supplier sending technology person to the site in written form to guide installing and testing free for charge. The supplier should send related technology person to train and service at the drilling site for 10 weeks after the drilling rig is qualified and begin to work.

In case of the computer has faults and need to be reinstalled the system, the supplier should provide the final PLC control program and protection code when the guarantee period is end.

After Sale Service

Supplying  and Delivery of equipments to customer’s site with shortest possible time after FAT by clients inspectors , free commissioning and  technical support such as project detail ,drawings before delivery by  our engineering department and  a full package of technical drawing , installation and commissioning and  operation and maintenance manuals will cover all clients need . 

Base on customer’s requirements and contract condition, guarantee period could be about 12-24 months. In this period technical problems will solve within 24-48 hours free of charge and our team will supply spare parts from our local storage shortly.

Each device has 15 monthes warrantee, after sales services and spare parts supply. In this period customer can choose maintenance contract too.

Spare Parts

Heller has a perfect storage of necessary spare parts for proper periodic services and maintenance in no time. Also fast parts supply line of this company always will support this department and huge inquiries of clients.