CCHP is one kinds of distributed energy system, is running by gas power generation equipment with the nature gas as mainly fuel. Supply the power to the users. The waste heat from this gas power plant can be used as heating and cooling to the users through waste heat recovery and utilization equipment (waste heat boiler or waste heat Absorption Chiller).
CCHP technology can achieve the seasonal balanced energy consumption, environment friendly and security thank to its advantages in energy saving, highly comprehensive utilization of energy, peak load shifting, release electricity supply intensity etc. Meanwhile, CCHP technology is capable to achieve energy saving, low-carbon economy, environmental protection concepts which advocated by the state, and further enhance the residents’ life quality. The demonstration project proved the flexibility of CCHP technology again. Its flexibility is capable to set up a smart grid quickly and efficiently, and finally achieve CCHP as a key sector to the development of smart grid.

Energy saving, emission reduction, economic, security, and promote the development of recycling economy and other irreplaceable advantages.
> Improve the efficiency of energy utilization.
> Reduce emissions and protect the environment.
> Economic efficiency
> Improve the security of energy supply.
> Improve power application structure

Common natural gas powered CHP applications are:
//    Housing estates
//    Hospitals
//    Swimming pools
//    Industry and commerce
//    Hotels
//    Schools
//    Public buildings
//    Telecommunication centers
//    Data centers
//    Leisure centers
//    Shopping centers
//    Greenhouses

Principle of operation
Natural gas CCHP is a new technology of environment-protection and energy-saving. use the natural gas as fuel, which drive the operation of gas turbine, micro gas turbine or other power generation equipment, and generate electricity to the users. The system can recycle the waste heat with the recycling equipment (waste heat boiler or waste heat Absorption Chiller) and supply heating and cooling to users.

Nature gas CCHP(combined cooling, heating and power) system fundamental principles is temperature counterparts, cascade utilization. The principles drawing as the drawing 1, Frist: the clear nature gas is burned inside the gas generator, and the high temperature and high pressure air be used for generator to produce electrical. the middle temperature exhaust air that  discharge from the generator will recovered and used by waste heat recovery use for refrigeration, heating, the lower temperature exhaust air will exchange to heat domestic hot water and then discharging . Based on the energy cascade utilization of the energy utilization efficiency raise from the conventional power system about 40% to about 80% , and it save a lot of primary energy.

Combined energy generation or the use of power and heat or cold enables energy savings of up to 60 percent compared to separate generation in power plants with additional boilers. Power generation is decentralized, i.e. generation takes place where power or heat is needed. In turn, the heat can be fed into a local or district heating network or be used for generating steam.
Combined heat and power plants with gas engine gensets can easily and inexpensively be integrated in existing plants.

How Does Cogeneration - Combined Heat and Power Generation Work?
The combustion of gas releases mechanical energy that a generator converts into power. The heat produced in the engine can be used with the help of heat exchangers.
Basically, distinction can be made between power and heat-led combined heat and power plants. Cogeneration is usually heat-lead. This means that the plant runs when heat is needed, and the resulting power is fed into the national grid