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Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System

AMPL is an Automatic Multiple Pig Launching System that allows a series of pigs to be launched into a pipeline from a pig launcher at operator controlled intervals, while minimizing the number of times a pig trap door has to be opened to access a pipeline for pigging.

This process enables AMPL to provide significant cost savings for pipeline pigging operations, as well as providing health, safety and environmental benefits.

Where Is AMPL Used?
Typically the AMPL automatic multiple pig launching system is ideal for use on:

Unmanned platforms
Isolated pig launching sites
Subsea pigging sites
Regularly pigged pipelines
Existing pig launchers

What Are The Benefits Of Using AMPL?
Minimum access ...


Reciprocating Compressor Series

Product Features:
1.The whole set of unit meets the requirements of API 11P and API618 standards;
2.Drive mode and cooling method are optional to meet user’s requirements;
3.All pressure vessels, high pressure piping and valves are qualified and supplied with authorized licenses;
4.8000-hour annual running time and 20-year service life;
5.The whole set of system meets the protection and explosion-proof requirements;
6.Wide range of working condition, can be used for conventional natural gas, unconventional natural gas, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, air, hydrogen, acid gas compression even under the complex conditions like extremely cold, high temperature, acid gas, etc.;
7.Full-automatic control can realize the unit running ...