Oil Extraction Equipment


Pumping Unit

API C Series Conventional Beam-pumping Unit

API C series beam-pumping unit adopts crank balance. It is the most common and most widely used ground power equipment in rod pumping work. Our product accords with API Spec 11E Specifications for Pumping Units and Chinese petroleum industry standard SY/T5044-2003 and other related standards.

Performance and advantage:
> Modularization and virtual manufacturing technology have been adopted in the process of designing. Product structure has been optimized, and the parts are of high standardization, universalization, and serialization.
> Finite-element analysis has been adopted to the key structure to realize stable performance and high reliability.
> The reducer adopts symmetrical involute gear transmission or double circular ...

Sucker Rod

Sucker Rod

We have manufactured 15 million meters sucker rod, mainly are of API C, D, KD Grade, High strength HL Grade, and HY Grade, etc. We manufacture and fabricate sucker rod according to API 11B. Our company has advanced sucker rod processing equipments, technologies, and detection facilities, which can ensure the quality of the products.

Sucker Pump

Sucker Pump

We manufacture sucker rod pump according to API SPEC 11AX. Our products involves API rod drawn pump, tubing liner pump, sand control pump, anticorrosion pump, and heavy oil pump, etc. and the annual production capacity is 15 thousand sets.

Christmas Tree

Conventional Christmas Tree

Conventional Chistmas tree is commonly composed by upper flange, gate valve, choke valve, needle valve, spool, globe valve, gauge ect. 

Product Features
> Design and produced extremely conform to API spec 6A, and material is corresponded with the requirement of NSCE MR0175.
> The main pressure parts and flanges are made of excellent alloy forging steel. After nondestructive inspection and special heat treatment, it is more safe and it also has good performance in H2S service.
> Special lubrication equipment guarantees the lubrication between the valve plate and valve seat, and it also can avoid the lost of the seal grease.
> The torque for opening and closing the gate valve is very small, which guarantees the safety ...


Annular BOP

Structure Features
- Manufactured according to API Spec. 16A.
- Standard design is studded top and flanged bottom, and other designs are available.
- The design provides the replacement of all sealing devices and main parts when necessary.
- Safe operation, no requirements for maintenance, and adaptability of production operations.
- Well pressure provides extra sealing.

OCTG & Pipeline

Seamless Pipes

We can supply various specifications of seamless pipes which meet API 5L and ASTM standard. We have product warehouse in Tianjin Port and Shanghai Port. There are nearly ten thousand tons of various finished goods stored in the warehouse in the long term. 


Reciprocating Injection Pump

Technical features:
(1)Design and manufacture are in accordance with the standard of API674 to meet the various process requirements.
(2)Many special designs focus on the reliability and advanced character of products.
(3)Modularized design provides customization value.


Choke Manifold

Choke manifold is an important equipment to control well kick and well blowout. It also can execute the pressure control technology on oil/gas well in drilling. When BOP is closed, it can control the finite pressure from casing by adjusting the choke valve’s opening and closing, so balanced drilling can work under minimum pressure-difference. 
Choke manifold can install with hydraulic control panel to realize remote control.