Drilling Equipment


Skid Mounted Drilling Rigs

3000m drilling rigs

The basic parameters, structure, design and manufacture are according with international general specifications, including API, IEC and HSE. Details of major equipment fully reflect the design concept of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection. Adopting module design, the drilling rig has a compact structure. With sound-proofing and noise-reduction design, the generator room can reduce the harm to environment and people as much as possible. The drilling rig is designed to work in ambient temperature of -20°C ~+55°C. All the systems and equipment adopt high-temperature resistant components and air-cooling method. The drill can adapt to the high temperature, desert, with more rain environments.

Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs

Truck Mounted Drilling Rigs

There are five models of truck-mounted drilling rigs/ Workover rigs at your option:
Model ZJ10/1125CZ, drawworks power 450HP
Model ZJ15/1350CZ, drawworks power 550HP
Model ZJ20/1470CZ, drawworks power 650HP
Model ZJ30/1700C, drawworks power 750HP
Model ZJ40/2250CZ, drawworks power 1000HP
All the rig's systems of power, drawworks, mast, traveling block and transmission system are equipped to the self-propelled chassis. The rig is easy and low cost to be transported, and it has reliable performance, large working load and good off-road power.The basic parameters and overall design conform to the SY/T5202-2004.Main parts conform to the API specification and the requirement of HSE, and applied API monogram on them such as Mast, Substructure, ...

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rigs

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rigs

Trailer Mounted Drilling Rigs 

Workover Rigs

Light duty workover Rigs

The whole unit structure is compact. It uses hydraulic + mechanical transmission with high synthetically efficiency. The workover rig adopts Class Ⅱ carrier having a few kinds to meet user’s requirements. The mast is face open single or double telescoped sections, hydraulically or mechanically raised and telescoped.

Drill Tubular

Drill Pipe

Drill Pipes are made of modified AISI 4145H chromium molybdenum alloy steel. Each piece of drill pipe is 100% dimensionally inspected and the material is full length ultrasonically inspected. All connections connected to the pipe body by inertia friction welding are 100% inspected to conform to latest API standards.

Auxiliary Equipment

SCR Electric Drive Automation Device

This equipment is a DC speed control system, which is alternating current of AC bus rectified into adjustable DC voltage through Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR), for the use of adjusting DC motor revolving speed. SCR control system successfully applied for several decades in electric drive oil drilling rig and favored by clients because of its mature, reliability, and less investment.

Main Features
DC-type one to one control system, easy and reliable control structure, individual SCR drive for each motor, using master-slave control manner when operating two motors to realize the synchro-speed and balance of road.
DC-type one to two control system, backup SCR supplied for each motor, flexible drive choose, maintenance ...


Drill Pipe Power Tong

ZQ Series Drill Pipe Power Tong is an ideal well head tool for oil drilling, widely applied in making-up and breaking-out drill pipe and repairing well offshore and on land. Open-throat design of the ZQ series allows the tongs to escape from drilling pipe freely with high mobility.
The tong is a combination of spinning   tong and torque tong. It substitutes cathead manual tong and spinning rope in making-up and breaking-out. The tongs are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K “Specification for Drilling Equipment”.