Electric control system of ZJ70D rigs for Argentina

Electric control system of ZJ70D rigs for Argentina...

The system equipped with Gem-shaped walls and folding-type cable trough were adopted in control room, which enhance the overall strength and beauty of the housing body. 

System Features:
> Rigorous electrical calculations ensure that the system perfectly meet the technical requirements and take the design of electromagnetic compatibility.
> Full digital control system, fault database redundancy self-diagnosis
> Global standard design, easy maintenance for users
> Full redundant design,emergency system fully functional ...


Electric control system of  ZJ50DB rigs for Highkelly

Electric control system of ZJ50DB rigs for Highkelly...

The power system selects the Easy-Gen3200 controller, which can realize the functions of single or multi-unit operation, automatic synchronization, and power equalization. The digital speed and pressure regulator have the features of high precision adjustment, fast response, simple operation, high stability of the system.

The drive system adopted VFD control proposal,common DC bus" control.Rectifier units form the DC bus, some faulty rectifier cabinet does not affect system operation, rectifier can be repaired with no blackouts, and saving device space, ...


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