Company Introduction

Hangzhou Heller  Science & Technology Co., Ltd is a large-scale production group, specialized in power, oil and gas field projects. which head quarter located in Hangzhou National High Technology Zone, We are using the latest technology and certifications with our professional engineering department support to offer specific services on Designing and Engineering specially in Drilling, Refining and Transferring Oil and Electricity supplying  and Controlling. Now we have six Work Centers: Administration Center, Technical & service Center, Engineering Center, Marketing Center, Production Center and Research Center.

Relying on formidable scientific research, Heller devoted to becoming a leading manufacturer of equipments and service provider. Heller’s power plant including diesel and gas power plant equipped with MTU, Caterpillar, MWM engine and AVK alternator, the power range up to 5300kva. as well as CHP system. For oil and gas field, Heller with our partner have more than forty years’ experience in oil and gas field to supply the related equipment in the drilling, refinery and oil transferring systems as well as control systems. Large quantities of Heller equipment have been exported to Canada, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Middle East etc., are deeply praised by overseas engineers and users.

Heller always insists on technology innovation, new products research and development. We have close cooperation with Zhejiang University and Tedri Research Center which provide superior scientific research conditions for electric drive control system and equipment. Besides, we devote long-term large investment funds to the technology, quality-control, service and modern management to keep our equipment always adhere international standard.

Sincere cooperation starts from Heller!


Organization Chart


Power factory with factory area of 60000 M2, and more than 20000 m2 modern workshop equipped with many kinds of advanced producing, machining and testing equipments. has 141 personnel, 40 engineers, among them 3 have senior engineer as professors,1 power expert with national grade, 5 are Senior Engineers, 10 are engineers and 21 personnel are assistant Engineers. Cooperated with MTU,.Cummins, Stamford/AVK etc. supply the diesel and gas genset upto 4000kva,

Oil factory with coverage of 41,381m2, is composed of science research center 5,959.43m2, test assembly workshop 4,811.78m2, parts machining workshop 3,792.28m2, overall drilling rig assembly workshop 2,158.8m2. And equipped with 111 pieces of advanced production and test equipment including NC machining center and established variable frequency speed-governing system and technology laboratory to further improve product inspection and testing methods for better sci-tech R&D capabilities. Cooperated with Siemens, ABB and GE.etc.
Existing staff of 495, there are 152 technicians specializing in electric drive automation, 5 professorial senior engineers, 36 senior engineers, 87 ordinary engineers, 5 Gansu leading talents, 12 provincial specialty leading persons and 13 State Council Experts with Special Allowance.


Our Mission

Heller offers more than products, services, engineering, and technology. WE ARE Thinking OUR client


High efficiency

Outstanding performance

Perfect service

Improve value

Heller always pursuing high efficient, outstanding performance, perfect service, increased value , thus, Heller company always serves its customer as reliable partner for verifiable, increased value in power and oil industrial.

Heller endeavor to offer the best quality product on the market and specialist consulting and perfect services.

Heller applies the principle of "efficient, economic,". This means that Heller not only care about the operational problems of project or solutions, but also about the economic value potential.

With a spirit of cooperation, Heller takes on responsibility in order to make its customers economically successful and satisfy its customer in all aspects.


Quality Policy

In order to ensure quality of product, we focus on user 's requirements and control improvement and enhancement quality of products .The quality assurance mainly focus on the processes of ensuring production readiness inspection, control of raw materials and components, process control, critical parts, important parts of quality control, assembly quality control, process control testing, measurement equipment control. Pay close attention to the implementation of the quality assurance work, strictly to three inspection system of self-checking, mutual inspection, special inspection. The key point of Quality assurance is focuses on critical parts, important parts of quality control, the quality standards required by ISO9000 quality control procurement documents in order to clarify its status and acceptance of quality standards for company's re-inspections ; For critical parts and important that the key processes of identification and corresponding technical documentation, control by "the implementation of key quality control process", and complete, accurate and complete original records. Difficulties in quality assurance is a special process control, quality assurance is mainly painting, has developed a special process (painting) process documents, take the appropriate technical measures, to quality assurance.

In the production process, we pay close attention to quality control of each process. Every component, every process was strictly controlled. Enhanced the quality inspection process, the establishment of the necessary quality control point, the process by a full-time staff and quality inspector for inspection and supervision. Improved testing procedures and operating instruction.


Human Resources

Heller is always looking for qualified staff. We appreciate your interest in working for Heller, simply send us your spontaneous application.

We appreciate your desire to join our team. If you have not found any suitable job opening, please send us your spontaneous application. Please indicate the area you are interested in.